How to Sign Up

To enroll church members in a SALT course, leaders should follow five simple steps:
  1. Decide what tuition fee you will charge SALT students (see under "Costs"):
    • Hope's individual student rate is $300 per course.
    • Hope at times offers group discounts if an entire class is booked by a church, so if this is the case, you may adjust the course fee slightly.
    • Some churches subsidize SALT courses by paying part or all of the SALT tuition fee. If your church wishes to do this, then decide what part of the cost (if any) you will pass on to your SALT students.
  2. Have each SALT student fill out the online SALT Registration Form. Collect the appropriate tuition fee (see above) from each student.
  3. Provide us a list of your students participating in the class on the SALT Class Roster Form, which you can send, email or fax in with your Registration forms.
  4. Send the following items to the SALT Director (address below):
    • A SALT Registration form for each student
    • A SALT Class Roster form with each of your students listed
    • A check covering the tuition fees for all SALT students (typically $300 for each student).
  5. Decide how your church wishes to handle textbook orders. Textbooks and other course materials are not included in tuition. Students may individually purchase these resources online through the Hope Bookstore. Or the church may wish to purchase enough materials for the entire SALT class, and then perhaps have the students reimburse the church for those materials. If so, you may want to include this cost in the price you charge per person.

To ask questions or discuss arrangements, please contact:

Phil Towne – Director of SALT
Hope International University
2500 E. Nutwood Avenue
Fullerton, CA 92831
Phone: (714) 879-3901 x 1284
Fax: (888) 509-7497 Attn: SALT Registrations

Students who wish to complete a full bachelor's or master's degree through Hope International University after completing several SALT courses, must also fulfill the admission requirements for the University (see Undergraduate Admissions or Graduate Admissions).