Hope Associates

The Hope Associates: Investing and Empowering the Future

The investment you make in the students at HIU pays dividends over the course of each graduate’s lifetime. For some, the returns take the form of changes in public and private education or in the for-profit and non-profit business arena. For others, returns are seen in the counseling, social services and public service professions. Still other returns are witnessed in both local churches and worldwide ministries. In every case, investments in HIU return in the form of Christian leaders — men and women who are making a difference at every level of society.

We invite you to join the Hope Associates and make a profound and lasting difference in the minds and hearts of tomorrow’s leaders.

Hope Associates Membership

Members of the Hope Associates are recognized and honored for sharing in the vision of a Christian university dedicated to excellence. A beautiful, personalized keepsake plaque is the University’s gift to you. Hope Associates are key in assisting the University to achieve its goal of assuming its place as one of our nation’s preeminent Christian universities.

Tax-deductible donations from Hope Associates help provide annual scholarship assistance for our students, 90% of whom depend on these funds to complete their education at HIU.

Beyond the satisfaction of assisting students in their educational quest, you will enjoy fun, fellowship and gala events when you join the distinguished circle of friends known as the Hope Associates.

The Hope Scholars Program

The Hope Scholars Program offers Associates the unique opportunity to have high-achieving students designated as the Associate’s Scholar. This is a very rewarding and special relationship between the Associates and Hope Scholars, one that can extend well beyond the years of the Scholar’s time at HIU. The students selected for this program have been chosen for their academic achievement, leadership potential and community involvement. Associates who contribute $5,000 or more have the opportunity to become members of this program. Designations are as follows:

GOLD ASSOCIATES have one Hope Scholar named after the Associate; PRESIDENTIAL ASSOCIATES and LIFETIME ASSOCIATES have two named scholars.

Hope Associates Membership Levels
  • Hope Lifetime Associate/Hope Scholar Program- $25,000 and above
  • Hope Presidential Associate/Hope Scholar Program- $10,000
  • Hope Gold Associate/Hope Scholar Program- $5,000
  • Hope Silver Associate- $2,500
  • Hope Annual Associate- $1,000

Giving options include monthly, quarterly, bi-annually and annually. Click here to begin your membership and join the Hope Associates!