Action Research A: Understanding Inquiry and Data

EDU6920 Action Research A: Understanding Inquiry and Data (2)

This seminar course is a prerequisite to EDU 6930 Action Research B: Un-derstanding Program Design and Evaluation, and is the first of a sequence of three courses leading to a capstone project. In this course, students learn about the action research design cycle and Its benefits, based on methods for using data to Inform program development and practice. Students learn to identify appropriate types of action research topics and questions, and examine the continuum of roles of the researcher in doing action research, In this course, students will develop a research question, locate, read and synthesize peer-reviewed journal articles and write a Review of the Litera-ture, decide on data collection methods and prepare a research schedule. Students will also learn how to interpret the results of standardized tests that are used in California schools. Special Consideration: Prerequisite for EDU6930 Action Research B: Understanding Program Design and Evalua-tion.