Master of Education
Secondary Education Concentration

Master of Education Degree (Secondary Education Concentration)

Why earn your M.Ed. from HIU? Teachers are lifelong students. Whether in their own classroom or in the Hope International University classroom, the best teachers strive for the pursuit of knowledge for themselves and their students. Teachers are always learning, and now you can make the decision to formalize your growth with a graduate degree in education with a Secondary Education Concentration.

What are the benefits of earning your Master of Education graduate degree? Not only will you advance your teaching career, you will be in a position to help, mentor, and support others within your school or district.

The Master of Education (Concentration in Secondary Education) program with SB2042 Preliminary Single Subject Teaching Credential degree program is designed for educators seeking a master’s degree and a teaching credential for a career in California public schools, grades 7-12. The program provides a background in theory, principles, materials, and teaching methodology for successful application in classroom settings. The emphasis prepares and entitles individuals to teach students who are English Learners (ELs). 

Students may complete the combined degree and credential program in 15-20 months by attending evening classes or completing coursework online.

During and following completion of the SB2042 Preliminary Single Subject Teaching Credential students will: 

  • Demonstrate subject matter competence. 
  • Develop pedagogical strategies, classroom management skills, and an appreciation of the diversity of students. 
  • Exemplify Christian leadership in the classroom. 
  • Demonstrate professional scholarship.

Master of Education (Secondary Education Concentration) career opportunities:

  • High School Teacher
  • Intermediate School Teacher
  • Middle School Teacher

Program Requirements:

Education students seeking the SB2042 Preliminary Single Subject Teaching Credential must meet the following requirements prior to student teaching: 

  • Passing scores on appropriate Single Subject-Matter Subsets of the California Subject Examinations for Teachers (CSET) or completion of a Commission (CCTC) approved subject-matter program 
  • Fingerprint/Live Scan 
  • CCTC Certificate of Clearance 
  • CPR/First Aid Certification 
  • TB Test 
  • Verify US Constitution Requirement 

Additional Criteria:

Students seeking the SB2042 Preliminary Single Subject Teaching Credential must meet the following additional criteria prior to submission of application for a credential: 

  • Passing score on Teacher Performance Assessment (TPA)

The M.Ed. (Secondary Education Concentration) and SB2042 Preliminary Single Subject Teaching Credential Degree program will be completed after 51 units and consists of the following course sequence: 


  • EDU5625 Technology for Teachers – 3 units 
  • EDU5821 Introductory Practicum for Secondary Teachers - 3 units
  • EDU6509 The Adolescent Learner - 3 units

See our Undergraduate Program for prerequisite options.

Credential Courses: 

  • EDU5100 Foundations of Education - 3 units
  • EDU5330 Diversity: Language Acquisition and Methods - 3 units
  • EDU5410 Special Populations - 3 units
  • EDU5810 Student Teaching - 5 units
  • EDU5890 Advanced Student Teaching - 5 units
  • EDU5910 Student Teaching Seminar - 1 units
  • EDU5911 Advanced Student Teaching Seminar - 1 unit 
  • EDU6321 Curriculum Development and Instructional Design for Secondary School Teachers - 3 units
  • EDU6511 Language and Literacy Education in Secondary Schools - 3 units
  • EDU6512 Disciplinary/Interdisciplinary Methods of Teaching in Secondary Schools - 3 units

Choose one of the following: 

  • EDU5150 Ethics in Education: Spiritual and Philosophical Foundations – 3 units 
  • EDU6620 Legal Aspects of Education – 3 units 
  • EDU6490 School Community Relations – 3 units

Capstone Project: Student will select one of either Action Research or Thesis 

Action Research Units:

  • EDU6920 Action Research A: Understanding Inquiry and Data - 2 units
  • EDU6930 Action Research B: Understanding Program Design and Evaluation - 2 units
  • EDU6940 Action Research C: Master’s Project - 2 units

Choose One of the Following Courses: 

  • EDU5610 Contemporary Issues in Education – 3 units
  • EDU5850 Education Research for Effective Teaching and Learning – 3 units 

Thesis Units: 

  • EDU5200 Data Analysis - 3 units
  • EDU6910 Introduction to Research and Evaluation - 3 units
  • EDU6990 Thesis - 3 units

NOTE for Washington State students: Eligibility for initial educator certification in Washington is based on completion of a state approved educator preparation program. This program is approved in California. Even though you may be residing in Washington while in this program, your application for educator certification in Washington will be processed as an out-of-state application. Go to for more information. Educators are advised to contact their individual school districts as to whether this program may qualify for educator advancement.

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Career Opportunities

  • High School Teacher
  • Intermediate School Teacher
  • Junior High School Teacher