Cora A. Alley M.A.

Associate Professor of Ministry & Biblical Studies

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  • M.A., Theater, California State University, Fullerton, CA
  • M.S., Education, California State University, Fullerton, CA
  • B.A., Theater & English, California State University, Fullerton, CA


  • Certificate: Hollywood Scriptwriting Institute Hollywood, CA
  • Reading Specialist Credential California State University, Fullerton, CA
  • Secondary Teaching Credential California State University, Fullerton, CA
  • Multiple Subject Teaching Credential California State University, Fullerton, CA


  • ENG1100 English Composition
  • ENG2100 Introduction to Literature
  • ENG2300 Introduction to Drama
  • ENG0130 Writing Skills
  • ENG3130 Dramatic Writing
  • ENG3220 Myth, Fantasy, and Imagination in Literature
  • ENG4100 Advanced Composition
  • ENG4200 Children's Literature
  • MUS2400 Worship Arts II: Dramatic Production in the Church


  • Who's Who Among American Educators
  • American Association of College English Teachers
  • Outstanding Faculty Service Award, Pacific Christian College
  • Excellence In Children's Ministry Award, International Network of Children's Ministry
  • National Association of Theater Educators
  • Excellence in Theatrical Direction, Inland Empire Theater Guild
  • Excellence in Drama Ministry, Crossroads Christian Church


  • The use of drama in sermon illustrations for church worship services and in community outreach to communicate the Gospel in a visual age.
  • The training of dramatic writers to write original dramas for secular and church audiences.
  • Training students to write intelligently, exhibit high-level critical thinking, and adhere to the rules of correct grammar, syntax, and academic style.
  • Helping promising writers market their material to secular and church publishers.
  • Writing skits and companion activities to help children understand how to enter into a relationship with Jesus Christ and how live God-honoring lives.
  • Writing original dramas to be used by pastors in sermon illustrations.
  • Writing original pageants and plays for churches to use in reaching out to their communities.


  Alley, Steve and Cora. Children's Follow-up Activities for The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion,The Witch, and The Wardrobe ( Outreach International, San Diego, CA for Walt Disney Studios.)
2004-5 Alley, Steve and Cora. "Reflections" Columnists (Standard Publishing, Cincinnati, OH.)
  • "We'll Just Keep Going"
  • "Safe Passage"
  • "Play the Flip Side"
  • "Sometimes It Does Make A Hill-of-Beans of a Difference."
2005 Alley, Cora. God's Masterpiece...A portrait of the life that changed humanity. Visit An Easter passion play , with original music, performed by churches for community outreach.
2000-Pres. Dramatist for Leonard Sweet's "Preachingplus" (internet sermon resource site for pastors & church leaders-hosted by GROUP Publishing. Loveland, Co.)
1998-Pres. Freelance Writer for various Christian Periodicals.
  • GROUP Magazine (Group Publishing: Loveland, Colorado)
  • THE REV. Magazine (Group Publishing: Loveland, Colorado)
  • THE LOOKOUT (Standard Publishing, Cincinnati, Ohio)
1991-Pres. Alley, Cora A. INKspirations....Christian Drama That Follows You Home. (Children's Church Inc., Corona, CA.) Visit 130 pieces of dramatic literature for youth and adult sermon illustrations.
1978-Pres. Alley, Steve and Cora. SKITuations...A Skit Curriculum for Children's Church. (Children's Church Inc., Corona, CA) Visit One hundred skits in fourteen volumes:
  • Becoming A Christian
  • Growing Up With God
  • Living In Christ
  • Parables of Christ
  • Prayer and Bible Study
  • Fruit of the Spirit
  • Worshipping God
  • Beatitudes For Living
  • God's Timeless Wisdom
  • Promises of God
  • Befriending Jesus
  • Firm Foundations
  • The Missionary
  • Living As A Family
  • The Training Kit (Director's Guide & 4-movie DVD)
2000 Alley, Steve and Cora. Children's Ministry Training Series. International Network of Children's Ministry. (INCM)Castle Rock, Co. (Presenter's curriculum for 100-city tour)
  • "A FRESH Approach to Children's Ministry" including;
    • "Family-focused Teaching"
    • "Relationship-driven Teaching"
    • "Experience-rich Teaching"
    • "Spiritually-based Teaching"
    • "Help-oriented Teaching"
1999 Alley, Steve and Cora. Children's Ministry Training Series. International Network of Children's Ministry. (INCM)Castle Rock, Co. (Presenter's curriculum for 100-city tour)
  • "Draw 'em In" - Attention-getting Techniques
  • "Fill 'em Up" - Story-telling Strategies
  • "Let 'em Lose" - Interactive Games and Learning Activities
  • "Send 'em Out" - Spiritual Applications in Real Life
1998 Alley, Steve and Cora. Children's Ministry Training Series. International Network of Children's Ministry. (INCM)Castle Rock, Co. (Presenter's curriculum for 100-city tour)
  • "I 'See' What You Mean"
  • "Designing Crafts That Make the Lesson Stick"
  • "Helping Children Know Jesus and Grow Spiritually"
  • "Big Ideas For Smaller Children's Ministries"
  • "Making Your Ministry a Safe Place"
1997 Alley, Steve and Cora. Children's Ministry Training Series. International Network of Children's Ministry. (INCM)Castle Rock, Co. (Presenter's curriculum for 100-city tour)
  • "Creating Lessons That Last a Lifetime"
  • "Creating Captivating Classrooms"
  • "Creative Goodies, Games & Gadgets"
  • "Creating an Image For Children's Ministry"
1994 Alley, Steve and Cora, and Eastside Christian School. Biblical Choices for a New Generation. (Standard Publishing. Cincinnati, Ohio.) 1,000 -Lesson Christian School Curriculum for K-6th Grade.



"The Care and Feeding of a Church Drama Ministry"
"Mind your P's and Q's" Dramatist and Senior Pastor Partnerships
"25 Ways to Illustrate the Pastor's Message"
"Pageant-in-a-Can" A Step-by-Step Guide to Staging a Pageant.

Women's Ministry:

Retreat Topics:
"The Path Of Life,"
"Love Covers A Multitude...."
"Living For What Really Matters,"
"The Pilgrim's Progress,"
"The Joy of The Bride,"
"Unless The Lord Builds The House..."
"The Marriage Mystery,"

Single Messages:
"Traffic Control" (Christlikeness)
"I Call You Friends, If...." (Befriending Jesus"
"Fashion Show, Or Masquerade?"(Authentic Friendship)
"Behold The Child" (Christian Mothering)
"Delivering the Good News" (Christmas Message)
"Hats Off To Jesus" (Motherhood)

Learning Theory & Educational Strategy:

"How to Write a Winning Curriculum"
"Being Creative is a Choice!"
"Learning Levels and Student Needs"
"Biblical Principles Of Education"
"If You Love Me, Feed My Sheep"
"Using Drama and Activities to Reach Today's Child"


  • Fluent in Dutch
  • Conversational in Spanish
  • Traveled extensively in the United States, Mexico, Hawaii, Bermuda, and Europe.
  • Dramatic and journalistic writing
  • Hobbies include home-making, art, sewing, reading, gardening, scrap-booking.


It is my personal mission to prepare young men and women for ministry by teaching the science of good academic writing, as well as, the art of good story-telling. Through creative, relevant teaching strategies, I seek to teach students how to clearly articulate high-level critical analysis. Through demonstration and practice, I strive to teach the next generation of Christian leaders how to implement the tools of effective theater to communicate the Gospel. I will continue to write dramatic Christian literature for children, youth, and adults that will both educate audiences in the fundamentals of the Christian faith and inspire them to enter into a relationship with Jesus Christ and live God-honoring lives.