(5000 or 6000 level) Elective

MINELC (5000 or 6000 level) Elective (3)

The following courses may fulfill this requirement if they have not already been taken to fulfill another requirement:

BIB5103 Jesus and the Kingdom among Us (SALT)
BIB5106 Romans and Right Relationships
BIB5115 Bible Study Methods and Tools (required, SALT) 
BIB5303 Matthew
BIB5333 Psalms
BIB6273 Prophets
BIB6333 Johannine Epistles 
BIB6463 Ephesians
LAN5230 Greek Introduction
LAN5330 Greek Intermediate
LAN5430 Hebrew Introduction
LAN6253 Greek Exegesis 
ENG5225 C.S. Lewis and the Literature of Faith
ICS5203 World Religions (SALT)*
ICS5503 Theology of Mission*
ICS5603 Worldview* 
MUS5103 Theology of Worship
MUS5113 History of Worship
THE5103 Theological Survey: Christian Beliefs and Practices
THE5213 Church History
THE5303 Holy Spirit
THE6313 Christian Ethics and Justice
THE5600 RI: Creation vs. Evolution*
THE5610 RI: Creation and the Bible
THE5620 RI: Critical Thinking Skills
BIB5800 Biblical and Theological Studies Block I
BIB6800 Biblical and Theological Studies Block II

Please consult with your academic advisor on the course that will best fit your goals for this program.