Fullerton, the Education Community.  We feel Fullerton is a great community with a lot of heart and we are excited to be a part of its growth and development.  We wanted to be sure you are aware of some of the nearby staples and local entertainment options so please review the following information and contact our offices if you have questions or the City of Fullerton for more information.

Fullerton Market:
Thursdays, 4 pm – 8:30 pm, April – October, Free
Complete with local vendors and live entertainment this is a local favorite for the Fullerton community.  This event is held in the Fullerton Downtown Plaza off of Wilshire Ave. between Harbor Blvd. and Pomona Ave. 

Movies on the Fox:
Varied, Starting as early as 7 pm, Monthly, Free
The Fox Theatre is a historical landmark in Downtown Fullerton found at Harbor Blvd. and Chapman Ave.  All types of movies have been featured at this venue including great classics, Halloween haunts, and holiday favorites. 

Winter Market:
Varied, 12 pm – 5 pm, December, Free
This last year Fullerton held its first Winter Market that featured vendors, food, live entertainment and closed with a tree-lighting ceremony.  We look forward to this becoming an annual event that allows us an opportunity to celebrate the holiday season as a community.  This event is held in the Fullerton Downtown Plaza off of Wilshire Ave. between Harbor Blvd. and Pomona Ave. 

First Night:
December 31, 7 pm – 12 am, December, Free
Fullerton was the first city in California and remains the only city in Orange County to be hosting a “First Night” celebration that simply helps its community to ring in the New Year.  This year’s community event featured ice skating, carnival games, karaoke, live entertainment, and more.  This event is held in the Downtown Fullerton area. 

Summer Concert Series:
Wednesdays, 6:30 pm – 8:30 pm, July – August, Free
This event features live music and invites the community to bring their own picnic fixings and enjoy the variety of music groups they bring in.  This event is held in the Fullerton Sports Complex off of Bastanchury and between Brea Blvd. and Harbor Blvd. 

These are just a few examples of local community entertainment options. To learn more about our local community and the city of Fullerton please visit the Fullerton City Website

Other places to visit might be some of the following:

Fullerton Arboretum                
CSUF Campus, Free
They boast a collection of more than 4,000 plants on their 26 acres helping to educate and expose the local community to a wide variety of plant life.  There are areas to rest and relax, tours to take, and a Potting Shed store.

Historical Places                      
Varies, Varies
Fullerton is rich with history as it was founded in 1887.  You will find that many of its residents take pride in the historical development of their city and the special land marks that make it what it is.   

The Muckenthaler Museum       
Just past Euclid on Chapman, Varies
Aside from a great collection and featured pieces this museum hosts multiple festivals and special events throughout the year. 

Parks and Trails                       
Varies, Varies
Fullerton is known for its many parks and trails sprinkled through the city.  Take advantage of the many trails and parks and their unique terrain and services.

Local Restaurants, Stores, Attractions

Local Church Information