Tuition and Costs

Tuition Schedule
Undergraduate program, annual (12-18 units per semester)
  • Annual
  • Semester

Additional charge per unit for more than 18 units $1,300
Charge per unit for 1-11 units (part time) $1,500
Fee Schedule
Enrollment deposit (see application process) $325
Application fee, non-refundable $50
Student fee, per year (6 units or more) $1,200
Parking fee per year $300
Process and testing fee for course challenge $75
Tuition per unit of credit granted for CPL $650
Late registration fee (Fall, Spring) $75
Audit fee (per unit) $100
Service charge for returned check $50
Transcript request fee $10/each
Price per copy if faxed $5
Fee to replace lost or damaged diploma $50
Late payment fee $50
Incomplete Paperwork Fee (per occurrence) $50
Private piano, organ, voice, or instrumental lessons including practice room. (discounts are available for private lessons when student is enrolled in ensembles. see information in the music office)
  • 2 units:
  • 1 unit:
Triple/Quad $5,150
Double $6,300
Single $8,000
Board plan (weekend service included - academic year rates)
Meal Plans:
  • $9.61 per meal/ Includes $100 Flex Dollars)"
  • $11.51 per meal/ Includes $100 Flex Dollars)"
  • $14.83 per meal/ Includes $100 Flex Dollars)"
  • The “10 meal plan” is reserved for juniors and seniors only.
  • 5 meal plan is reserved for Commuters and Non-HIU residents only." after the last line (10 Meal Plan
Residence hall deposit $300


Hope reserves the right to alter tuition and fees at any time. Tuition and fees listed are effective June 1, 2020.

Room and board refund policies are stipulated in the Housing Contract.

The University reserves the right to make any changes in refund policies, fees, and expenses without notice.

All charges are due in full July 15, 2020. Enrollment is not complete and students may not attend classes until satisfactory financial arrangements have been made with the Student Accounts Department. Satisfactory financial arrangements include one of the following payment options, or financial aid equal to or greater than each semester's charges. If the financial aid package is not equal to or in excess of estimated charges, the student will be required to enter in a payment plan agreement as noted above.

Students whose financial aid files are not complete as of residence hall move-in day and/or the first day of class will be required to pay 1/5 of the estimated balance not covered by financial aid, will be charged the student accounts late fee, and are subject to dismissal if financial aid is not complete by August 31, 2020 (January 26, 2021 for Spring semester).

Payment Plan Options - Tuition and Fees

Tuition and Fees Payment Due Date

The annual expense of tuition, fees, room and board is due by July 1st. Payment after this date, finalizing financial aid requirements (such as loan application & approval of revised awards) after this date, or completing satisfactory payment arrangements after this date constitute "late" submission of satisfactory financial arrangements and result in a Student Accounts Late Fee charge.

Monthly Payment Plan

Up to twelve (12) monthly installments without interest charges beginning June 1st and ending May 1st. There are no fees or interest charges, however, late payment fees may be charged. Enrollment in the plan should be completed before June 1st to avoid having to make substantial back payments of missed months.

Tuition Credit for Withdrawal From Undergraduate Classes

Charges upon registration constitute a contract and obligate the registrant for full payment. Because University costs are committed on a yearly basis, the following credit schedule has been established so the University and the student may share the tuition loss equitably if the student withdraws. Fees are generally non-refundable. Students receiving Title IV financial aid who withdraw entirely are subject to a supplemental financial aid prorated refund policy. Please address questions to the Student Financial Aid office.

Tuition credit will be made according to the date of official application for withdrawal on the following table:

Within the first week of the semester - 90% credit
Within the second and third weeks of semester - 60%credit
Within the fourth and fifth weeks of semester - 30% credit
After the fifth week of semester - NO CREDIT

Credit indicated above is percentage of entire contract, not percentage of amounts paid to date of withdrawal.