Introduction to Sociology

SSC2300 Introduction to Sociology (3)

Introduction to Sociology introduces students to the basic concepts, theo-ries and ideologies of sociology. This course will teach students about the history of sociology (including its first "sociologists," the birth of the field) as well as its current applications. It will show students how to conceptualize people and their problems, traditions, cultures, etc. through the three major sociological perspectives. It will introduce students to research methods and begin to challenge students to consider their own interests for possible are-as of research. Sociological topics given special attention in this course include differing cultures and norms, socialization, gender, prejudice, capi-talism, collective behavior (e.g. group mentality), social deviance and social change and the environment. This course will integrate Christian faith and principles and challenge students to investigate the impact of their faith and religion on their sociological perspective.