English Literature

The English Literature program equips students with the skills needed for articulate and appropriate written communication, advanced critical thinking, literary analysis, the presentation of formal research, and an understanding of the use of dramatic art forms in the communication of values and ideas. The program adheres to a prescriptive, competency-based curriculum in English grammar and usage, and it offers a varied continuum of courses providing critical analysis of the world’s great classic and contemporary literature. English Literature students will also develop skills in dramatic writing and performance. 


The English Literature major is a multi-faceted major that leads to many career choices and provides a strong foundational base of knowledge. This program may be used by students to prepare for the CSET examination to demonstrate subject matter competency in English for entrance into a Secondary Teaching Credential program. It also provides a strong foundation for students going on for an M.A., or Ph.D. in English Literature. Students have also found the major to be excellent preparation for careers in writing, publishing, law, and other careers in which analytical thinking skills and strong communication skills are highly valued. The B.A. in English Literature program is 122 units.

Career Opportunities

  • College Professor**
  • Editor
  • English/Drama Teacher*
  • Journalism
  • Jr. High/High School Teacher*
  • Law*
  • Military Teaching*
  • Public Relations
  • Publisher
  • Teaching on the Mission Field*
  • Writer

Real World Opportunities

Many study abroad programs are available to our students. These programs provide opportunities to experience different world cultures while advancing toward graduation from HIU.


5 Reasons To Major In English

1. There are a variety of job opportunities 

As a graduate with you degree in English you will have the opportunity to enter a wide variety of career fields. A few of these opportunities include jobs like journalism, English teaching, technical writing, being an author, new reporter, and much more. 

2. You get to major in what you love

As a student preparing to pick a major it is important to recognize that you will be spending the next few years of your life exploring in-depth the field that you choose. Shouldn’t you pick a major program that involves something that you love? Your degree in English will allow you to learn to become a better writer, reader, critical thinker, persuader, and much more – all while studying in the field that you love! 

3. You will be influenced to influence 

There is often a large misconception, which is that all English majors do is sit in a room all day and read Shakespearian writing. While it may be true that many English major would view that as a quality way to spend their time, the truth is really far from the stereotype. As was discussed earlier, there are a wide variety of practical and influential career options open to those who graduate with an English degree. In the English program you will learn how to read classic writings, and then utilize critical thinking skills to apply those lessons to the world we live in today. It is because of this learned critical thinking that makes English majors such great influencers. 

4. You can learn from the best

As an English major at Hope International University, you will have the opportunity to learn from some of the greatest literary thinkers throughout human history. Each time you step into class you will have the opportunity to step into the thoughts and writings of thinkers such as Chaucer, C.S. Lewis, Milton, and many more. 

5. You will become a global thinker

At Hope International University we believe that in order to have the best understanding of English Literature possible it is important to explore literature form around the world. As a student you will have the opportunity to take classes and study world literature, dramatic arts, culture in context and you can even study abroad in England for the summer.