College of Arts & Sciences

Message from the Dean

Dr. Natalie Hewitt, Dean, College of Arts and Sciences

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The College of Arts and Sciences (CAS) is home to undergraduate general education classes which support all the Associate of Arts degree programs and all the Bachelor’s degree programs of the university. In addition, CAS also hosts Bachelor of Arts degree major studies programs in English Literature, Liberal Arts, and Social Science.

General education coursework is designed, first, to provide students with a breadth of knowledge in the natural sciences, social sciences and humanities. Second, general education coursework is designed to develop students’ writing and speaking skills, analytical and evaluative thinking skills, and leadership skills. Third, in conjunction with a solid foundation of Biblical Studies coursework, dedicated Christian faculty guide students in exploring connections, bridges and tensions, between Christian faith and learning in the various academic disciplines. 

Graduates with a Bachelor of Arts degree In English Literature possess subject matter competency to enter single subject teaching credential programs. They are well prepared for graduate school in English but may also use their Bachelor’s degree as a platform to pursue careers in writing or publishing, or other avenues of graduate education, such as law school. Finally, the analytical skills, evaluative skills, and writing skills acquired through this degree program are transferable to any number of occupations and careers that require critical thinkers and strong communicators.

Graduates with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Liberal Arts have prepared for various careers by combining a strong liberal arts foundation with an extensive and coherent concentration of coursework in a particular field. Concentration coursework may be drawn from the five colleges of Hope International University or from approved academic departments of California State University, Fullerton, just adjacent to the HIU Fullerton Campus. The cooperative relationship between HIU and CSUF, which facilitates the use of appropriate CSUF classes in an HIU degree, has been in place since 1988. 

Graduates with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Social Science will have pursued one of four pathways toward their chosen career goal. Pathway one, the major in Social Science with a Concentration in Human Services, is designed to prepare students for occupations in the helping professions and for entry into MSW (Masters in Social Work) graduate programs. Pathway two, the major in Social Science with a Customized Concentration, is a broad, flexible platform of social science coursework by which graduates prepare for the next steps toward chosen careers in teaching, government, law, criminal justice, or the helping professions. Pathway three, the major in Social Science with a Concentration in History, prepares students for graduate studies in history and for other graduate studies and career options for which a Bachelor’s degree in history provides appropriate preparation. Pathway four, the major in Social Science with a Concentration in Political Science, provides students with preparation for graduate studies in Political Science and Law and the range of careers available from those educational platforms.

The faculty of the College of Arts and Sciences is deeply invested in providing Hope International University students with the highest quality learning experiences (whether in general education or in the student’s major studies program) in which students are also challenged to meaningfully connect Christian faith and learning. Our greatest satisfaction is when our graduates take away valuable skills and experiences that have prepared them well for career, for lifelong learning and living, and for a lifetime of service to the Lord Jesus and his church.

Dr. Natalie Hewitt

Dean, College of Arts and Sciences