Literature Elective Upper Division

ENGLITUD Literature Elective Upper Division (3)

The following courses fulfill this requirement:

  • ENG3000 Analysis of Literary Forms
  • ENG3210 World Literature I
  • ENG3212 World Literature I
  • ENG3220 Myth, Fantasy & Imagination in Literature
  • ENG3225 C.S. Lewis and Literature of Faith
  • ENG3230 American Literature I
  • ENG3235 American Literature II
  • ENG3250 British Literature I
  • ENG3255 British Literature II
  • ENG3260 Shakespeare
  • ENG4200 Children's Literature
  • ENG4205 Multi-Cultural Literature of U.S.
  • ENG4221 Chaucer & Milton
  • ENG4401 Contemporary Novels on Film
  • ENG4701 Contemporary Literary Expressions

To learn more about these courses, please contact your academic advisor.