Social Science
Customized Concentration

The Social Science Major prepares students for graduate study and for various careers that build from the foundation of interdisciplinary study of human behavior grounded in the scientific method. The social science disciplines that are featured in the major are history, political science, psychology, and sociology. Career pathways leading from the Social Science major include teaching, government service, law, and the helping professions. Social science learning is also an effective tool that can be useful for helping local congregations and para-church organizations to better achieve the mission of the Church. 

Students who wish to prepare specifically for careers in the helping professions, which may include plans for further preparation in a Masters of Social Work program, may choose to pursue a Concentration in Human Services. 

Students planning to seek admission to other single subject credential programs in social science in California or other states should consult with their faculty advisor as early in their undergraduate program as possible.

Real World Opportunities

All Human Service students are required to complete practicum and internship hours in social service agencies. This allows students to receive exposure to real world experiences in the Human Services industry. The internships provide the opportunity to develop and practice skills while integrating theory. A field education director supervises students’ experiences and assists them as they process what they are learning.

In addition, we highly encourage you to take advantage of our study abroad programs, which will provide you with the opportunity to experience different world cultures while completing elective degree requirements.