Social Science
History Concentration

The Social Science Major prepares students for graduate study and for various careers that build from the foundation of interdisciplinary study of human behavior grounded in the scientific method. The social science disciplines that are featured in the major are history, political science, psychology, and sociology. Career pathways leading from the Social Science major include teaching, government service, law, and the helping professions. Social science learning is also an effective tool that can be useful for helping local congregations and para-church organizations to better achieve the mission of the Church. 


Students planning to seek admission to other single subject credential programs in social science in California or other states should consult with their faculty advisor as early in their undergraduate program as possible.

Real World Opportunities

We highly encourage you to take advantage of our study abroad programs, which will provide you with the opportunity to experience different world cultures while completing elective degree requirements.


5 Reasons Why You Should Major In History

1. You will learn to analyze effectively 

As a history major you will not just be learning skills that are specific to analyzing the stories in history books. At Hope International University you will spend a lot of your time studying events of the past and digging through the first layer of information in order to analyze the “who, what, where, and why?” This in-depth process of investigation can benefit you as you move into any career where you are required to ask critical thinking questions, which is a skill that many employers highly value. 

2. Simply put, History is exciting 

At Hope International University we firmly believe that a good history program involves a combination of beautifully rich stories joined with the complex analysis of their purpose and meaning. From the moment you take your first class in the program you will fall in love with history as you recognize the relevant significance that lies in the popular stories that so many take for granted.  

3. “History is King” 

In 2013, the popular television host and best-selling author, Rachael Maddow was speaking at an event at Stanford University. During her talk she was asked by students what kind of degree she looks for in successful job candidates. Her response? She said “History is kind of king”. As someone who graduates with a bachelor’s degree in history, you will be able to take pride knowing that your degree is highly valued in many job fields. 

4. Experience a variety of job opportunities

Those who major in history will be entering the job market with the opportunity to choose from a variety of career fields. A few of these opportunities are jobs such as, an advertising executive, campaign manager, foreign service officer, information specialist, journalist, teacher and much more. 

5. Because you love History 

When choosing a major, it is important to recognize the fact that whatever subject you choose to be majoring in will be the subject that you will be studying in-depth for the next few years of your life. That being said, shouldn’t you get your degree in a subject that you love? If learning about and analyzing the events of the past and how they can affect the future get you excited then a degree in history might be a good choice for you.