College Algebra

MTH1100 College Algebra (3)

This course meets the Leadership and Ethic Core mathematics requirement for Bachelor's degree students. College Algebra may be used as prepara-tion to take Calculus. College Algebra is designed to provide the student with a greater understanding of algebraic and transcendental functions and demonstrate how they are used to understand, interpret, and solve quantita-tive reasoning problems. Several of the major topics covered in this course are the following: solving equations, exponents, complex numbers, inequali-ties, graphs, functions, polynomials and their roots (Fundamental Theorem of Algebra), inverse functions, exponential functions, logarithms, trigono-metric functions (both the right triangle and unit circle approach) solving systems of equations, and matrices. The course will strongly focus on func-tions and their properties and uses..(Placement by SAT Math Score or by Math placement test or by successful completion of MTH0100)