Business and Management
Cross-Cultural Business Administration

The Cross-cultural Business Administration program is an interdisciplinary program intended for students who wish to engage in missionary service with a foundation in business and management. It incorporates key elements of the more general Business and Management major (above) with the essential components of the Intercultural Studies major (see Pacific Christian College of Ministry and Biblical Studies). Conditions and trends in the global mission field have created opportunities for “business as mission” that are not open to more traditional missions-only approaches. Beyond providing economic support for mission work, making a contribution to a local society in a business or nonprofit organization also provides credibility to the missionary/manager.




Career Opportunities

  • Community Organizer
  • Entrepreneur
  • Manager
  • Missionary

Real World Opportunities

Students in this major are permitted to choose between a Business Internship (in which they must complete a minimum of 140 hours of supervised, typically paid, work in a business organization) and a Ministry Practicum (a seminar focused on developing the student’s readiness for servant leadership).


5 Reasons to Major in Cross-Cultural Business

1. You will be learn about both business and missions

What makes the cross-cultural business administration major so unique and interesting is it’s a mixture of courses in both business and mission. You will take common business courses in marketing, accounting, management, economics, and ethics, all of which you need to be good in business and management. You will also take cultural anthropology, mission, intercultural communication, language acquisition, and world religion courses which prepare you to work cross-culturally and to have an impact on the world for Christ. These two areas of focus, along with a minor in Bible will give you a broad perspective, and a dynamic set of skills to prepare you with the opportunity to go in several different directions for your career.

2. Be prepared to work internationally 

You could not only work for a multinational corporation overseas, but also be based in the USA working on a multi-cultural team. Businesses are always looking for graduates who understand the core of business, but also have the ability to work cross-culturally, especially if you are willing to move outside of the country.

3. Learn what it takes to manage a non-profit organization

Many people pursue careers in nonprofit organizations for the chance to help people, to minister to them, and to meet their various needs. However, these organizations also need people responsible for making sure that they are managed well, that employees are working together, that systems and processes are functioning properly, that finances are recorded and monitored, and that the objectives of the organization are being met. This degree develops the heart in you to make a difference, but also gives you the skills to do it effectively and efficiently 

4. Learn the skills needed to step into a ministry role as an executive pastor

Similar to nonprofit management, churches need people on staff who can be responsible for the management and organizational side of the ministry. In this program, the combination of bible, mission and business classes gives you the ability to work alongside and support those who are called to be preachers, evangelist, pastors, worship leaders, counselors, etc…

5. Discover a heart for social entrepreneurship and business as mission

There is a new movement growing in our society of people who want to start, own, run, and work for businesses who have very specific goals of empowering the poor, creating jobs for disenfranchised, planting churches within unreached people groups, among other social, spiritual and environmental goals. Again, the unique combination of courses taught in this program teach you how to pursue those multiple bottom lines.