Business and Management
General Management Concentration

The Business and Management program provides integrated knowledge of the functional areas of business and introduces the student to the complexities of today’s diverse organizational environment. The intent is to prepare the student for a high level of performance in business or nonprofit organizations. Christian ethics are integrated throughout the program to give the student a basis for understanding and addressing contemporary social, moral and ethical issues facing the management professional. The Business and Management program also provides a firm foundation for the student who desires to pursue academic training beyond the bachelor’s degree.

Students may select one of four concentrations offered in Hope International University’s undergraduate Business and Management program: 

General Management: The Management concentration provides students with the opportunity to select five courses (fifteen units) in various aspects of the field of management. This permits some degree of specialization within the overall field of management to support specific student career interests. 

Career Opportunities

  • Entrepreneur
  • Finance Manager
  • Human Resources Director
  • International Business Leader
  • Manager
  • Marketing Manager
  • Retail Manager

Real World Opportunities

All Business and Management students are required to complete a paid internship in their junior or senior year. Business internships are a great way to test-drive your career, contribute to an organization, and discover valuable lessons that will help prepare you for your career after college. With the assistance of your Internship Advisor, you will find an organization that meets your needs, and complete 140 hours there. Many students receive job offers at the end of their internship, and/or create lasting relationships that may help them in landing their first career job out of college.


5 Reasons Why You Should Major In Business

1.   Experience a wide variety of career options 

Upon graduation with your degree in business management, there are a wide array of careers that you could step into. Examples of some career options are a business analyst, account manager, human resources manager, sales manager, and much more. After you complete your degree you will have the skills necessary to excel in any of the careers listed above and more. 

2. Learn to make a positive mark 

At Hope International University every one of our professors teach from a foundation rooted in biblical principles. What this means is that you will be graduating with your degree in business management with the knowledge of what it takes to financially succeed in the business world and you will discover what it takes to practice and maintain integrity as a business leader. 

3. Opportunity to learn from those with experience 

Almost all of the business program professors at Hope International University came to teach at our university after a number of years working in a variety of businesses. What this means for our students is that the lessons and theories that they are learning in the classroom are lessons that have been tried and tested in the real world. 

4. Set yourself up for an MBA 

If you dream of the idea of becoming a CEO or top-level business executive someday then the best educational move for you after you graduate with your bachelor’s in business management would be to purse a master’s degree in business administration. The MBA serves the purpose of further developing the skills needed throughout your career of business management. 

5. Receive real world opportunities 

Each graduate from Hope International University has completed at least one semester-long internship. These internships are a great place where students are able to take the lessons that they are learning in the classroom and apply them directly to the real world. During an internship each student is coached by an advisor who helps to ensure that the student excels in their internship. 


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