Business and Management
Marketing Concentration

The Business and Management program provides integrated knowledge of the functional areas of business and introduces the student to the complexities of today’s diverse organizational environment. The intent is to prepare the student for a high level of performance in business or nonprofit organizations. Christian ethics are integrated throughout the program to give the student a basis for understanding and addressing contemporary social, moral and ethical issues facing the management professional. The Business and Management program also provides a firm foundation for the student who desires to pursue academic training beyond the bachelor’s degree.

Marketing:  The Marketing concentration provides students with the opportunity to select five courses (15 units) in various aspects of marketing, market research, advertising and sales.

Career Opportunities

  • Advertising Sales Director
  • Brand Manager
  • Entrepreneur
  • Marketing Manager
  • Marketing Research Analyst
  • Marketing Research Director
  • Product Development Manager
  • Public Relations Specialist

Real World Opportunities

All Business and Management students are required to complete a paid internship in their junior or senior year. Business internships are a great way to test-drive your career, contribute to an organization, and discover valuable lessons that will help prepare you for your career after college. With the assistance of your Internship Advisor, you will find an organization that meets your needs, and complete 140 hours there. Many students receive job offers at the end of their internship, and/or create lasting relationships that may help them in landing their first career job out of college.


5 Reasons Why You Should Major in Marketing

1. Marketing enables you to be a storyteller 

Marketing is so much more than simply repeating the specs or features of a product to the consumer. Long gone are the days when tech companies could simply just list paragraphs of information about why their product is better and their company is more successful. In today’s market, successful marketing requires a brand to tell a story. The story of a brand must be one that the customer can see himself or herself in and thus gives them a deeper connection to your product/brand. 

2. You will learn how people think 

As a graduate with a degree in marketing you will understand that before you can sell a product to a consumer group, you must first understand who your consumer is and how they think. To purchase your product, a customer wants to feel that their needs are being directly spoken to when they see your marketing/advertising. At Hope International University we have professors who have spent years in the marketing industry and will help you learn what it takes to identify customers and their needs. 

3. Marketing is in everything 

If you pay attention to the things that you do each day, you will quickly realize that you use marketing all throughout your day. Whether you realize it or not, each time you are meeting someone for the first time, going on a date, deciding what to post on social media, or going for a job interview, you are using marketing skills. Therefore, students who complete a degree in marketing are setting themselves up for success because they are getting a degree that can be applied in numerous areas of everyday life. 

4. Become a critical thinker 

A large aspect of marketing is problem solving. In your marketing career you will likely be asked to analyze a company’s product and then figure out what must be done to get customers to buy the product. Answering this larger question will require you to have the ability to answer much more specific questions such as “Who is my demographic? What is our product differentiation? What are relevant forms of marketing for our target market?” As you learn to ask and answer these types of questions, you will be learning critical thinking skills that can be applied to all aspects of your life. 

5.   Enter a growing career field 

When you graduate with your degree in marketing you can leave college and enter the workforce with confidence. This is because according to the the job growth outlook for advertising, promotions, and marketing careers is 9% higher than the average median growth outlook for other careers which is 7%. Your choice of career options will also continue to grow if you decide to pursue a Master’s in Business Administration or a Master’s in Management after your bachelor’s program is complete. 


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