Business and Management
Sport Management Concentration

The Business and Management program provides integrated knowledge of the functional areas of business and introduces the student to the complexities of today’s diverse organizational environment. The intent is to prepare the student for a high level of performance in business or nonprofit organizations. Christian ethics are integrated throughout the program to give the student a basis for understanding and addressing contemporary social, moral and ethical issues facing the management professional. The Business and Management program also provides a firm foundation for the student who desires to pursue academic training beyond the bachelor’s degree.

Sport Management: This concentration provides a more specialized focus on interests and opportunities in the sports industry. By selecting five courses (fifteen units) in this concentration, students learn the business of sports management while remaining grounded in fundamental business and management principles. 

Career Opportunities

  • Athletic Director
  • Athletic Training
  • Coaching
  • Entrepreneur
  • Recruiting/Scouting
  • Sports Administration
  • Sports Agent
  • Sports Manager
  • Sports Marketing

Real World Opportunities

Students in this major are permitted to choose between a Business Internship (in which they must complete a minimum of 140 hours of supervised, typically paid, work in a business organization) and a Ministry Practicum (a seminar focused on developing the student's readiness for servant leadership).


5 Reasons to Major In Sport Management

1. It is a major that will prepare you for hundreds of job positions in sport business

Careers in Sport Business include:  Sports Marketing, Facility Management, Coaching & Athletics all levels, Concession Management, Events Coordinator, Ticket Sales, Professional Sports (all areas), Law, Journalism, Fitness, Recreation, Communications, Media, and numerous others. 

2. It is a major that will prepare you too enjoy your work daily

So many people today do not like what they do every day.  Sport is a worldwide love of many people. These people are easy to know, can enjoy competition, and are very hard workers. The opportunities for financial stability are many. 

3. It is a major that will prepare you for many levels and types of internships

In sport business completing internships while you are in college has been proven to be a valuable and successful first step for future employment. . Because there are so many entities involving sport, internships are available and with the help at Hope students can get them. 

4. It is a major that can prepare you for travel since Sport Business is a multi-billion dollar business worldwide

Sport is loved, watched, participated in, and full of business opportunities all over the world.  The business of sport is everywhere and the opportunities for students to become engaged in different cultures through sport are numerous. 

5. It is a major that provides students with the tools to influence others for God in the world

Sport has always been a platform to expand the cause of Christ and impact the world with a God centered world life view that crosses all boundaries.  Sport can enable those who like it to engage in dialogue with nearly everyone who is a part of the sport environment.