Business and Management
Financial Planning Concentration

Hope International University’s College of Business and Management offers a specialized concentration in Financial Planning for those students interested in walking clients through financial choices and wealth management.This is an on ground undergraduate degree that focuses on, Christ centered, financial planning to educate students in how to assist individuals in properly managing their finances. The Financial Planning concentration prepares students to listen and communicate with clients, prepare financial analysis, and manage investment portfolios, while adhering to fiduciary responsibility laws. Business Majors interested in pursuing the Financial Planning Concentration will be required to complete five classes specifically targeted toward the successful completion of this concentration, in addition to, a specific Internship class.


Career Opportunities

  • Budget Analyst
  • Finance Manager
  • Financial Analyst
  • Real Estate Broker
  • Tax Consultant

Real World Opportunities

Certified Financial Planner - “Qualified Financial Advisors have no shortage of opportunities in the coming years. The BLS projects growth of 30% by 2024, forecasting demand from employers that might be difficult to keep pace with.”