Liberal Studies - Teacher Preparation

Recognizing the influence of well-prepared education professionals in the Church and society, the purpose of the Liberal Studies: Teacher Preparation program is to build not only the broadest possible base of knowledge, but also to strengthen leadership and communication skills and integrate knowledge and skills with Christian faith. The program offers students intellectual and cultural breadth as a strong foundation for becoming effective classroom teachers in public, private, and other educational institutions (preschool-Grade 12). The Liberal Studies: Teacher Preparation program is a 4-year, 122-unit Bachelor of Arts degree program. Students who complete this course of study can transition to a graduate program to earn a Preliminary Multiple Subject Teaching Credential, Preliminary Single Subject Credential, or Master of Education (M.Ed.)



Career Opportunities

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Real World Opportunities

5 Reasons to Major In Teacher Preparation 

1. There are jobs out there for you

According to, The state of California is currently in the midst of a teacher shortage and schools are looking for passionate and equipped individuals to hire. This means that as a graduate of the teacher preparation program you are prepared to move on to a credential program.  Then you will be able to enter a field that is desperately searching for qualified graduates, and that means they are searching for you. 

2. As a teacher, you get to start and end each day knowing you are making a difference

Teaching is not just a job. It’s a purpose. There are opportunities each day to build up a child’s self-worth; to help them know they mean something to someone, to encourage them to dream and give them the tools to move towards those dreams. As a teacher, you will have the opportunity to know that each day you are making a positive impact on a child’s life.

3. Teaching is far more than ‘school’

Every day, teachers have the opportunity to do so much more than just repeat a lesson plan to students. Teaching gives one the chance to offer students new ways of looking at the world around them. When you model life skills, morals, wise choices and compassion you are teaching lessons that will lead them through life. 

4. At HIU our professors desire to teach you the way we want you to teach

If we don’t want you to bore your students one day, why would we bore you?  Rarely will your professors spend the class session lecturing.  It’s about discussion, participation, exploration, students teaching one another – lots of interaction.  You won’t be able to hide in the back of the class.  Not because we make you, but you won’t want to. 

5. Being a teacher is a journey of learning about yourself

As a teacher, you will quickly discover your students will reflect all of your strengths and weaknesses.  At HIU we believe your teaching reflects who you are – your gifts, strengths, and your quirks. The staff in the education program believe if you are willing to reflect, you will continue to learn more about yourself and thus become an even stronger teacher.