David L. Matson Ph.D.

Professor of Biblical Studies

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  • Ph.D., Baylor University
  • M.A., Pepperdine University
  • B.A., Pacific Christian College of Hope International University


David Lertis Matson is a native southern Californian who joined the faculty of Hope International University (formerly Pacific Christian College) in August 2004. Prior to this appointment, he served as Minister of the Westwood Hills Christian Church in Los Angeles (1999-2003) and as Assistant Professor of Bible at Milligan College in Johnson City, Tennessee (1995-1999). He has a deep and abiding passion for teaching the scriptures and for injecting biblical scholarship into the life and ministry of the church.

Matson holds the Doctor of Philosophy degree in Religion (Biblical Studies-New Testament) from Baylor University, the Master of Arts degree in Religion (Biblical Studies) from Pepperdine University, and the Bachelor of Arts degree in Biblical Studies/Preaching from Pacific Christian College of Hope International University. He has also studied at the University of California at Los Angeles and at Fuller Theological Seminary. The author of numerous articles and book reviews, Matson had his Household Conversion Narratives in Acts: Pattern and Interpretation included in the prestigious Journal for the Study of the New Testament dissertation series, published by Sheffield Academic Press. More recently, he co-edited and contributed to One in Christ Jesus: Essays on Early Christianity and ‘All that Jazz’ in Honor of S. Scott Bartchy. Matson has also served as adjunct professor at Fuller Theological Seminary and Pepperdine University.

Matson has strong and historic ties to HIU. In addition to having three sisters who are also graduates of HIU, his great-grandfather, Earl G. Harris, grandfather, Lertis R. Ellett, and father, Donald L. Matson, each served terms on HIU’s Board of Trustees. His grandmother, Kathryn (Harris) Ellett, attended HIU (PBS) in the 1930’s. He truly considers them his legacy.

Matson's classroom style can be aptly summarized by a placard he often brings to the first day of class: "I am subject to bursts of enthusiasm!"


TEACHING PHILOSOPHY—“to inform and to inspire”


  • Hebrew History and Literature
  • Early Christian History and Literature
  • Greek I and II
  • Tools for Literary Exegesis and Analysis
  • Upper Division New Testament courses (Gospels, Pauline Epistles)



  • “Most Historically Significant Stone-Campbell Movement Article” (Stone-Campbell Journal Twentieth Anniversary Commemoration, Johnson University, Knoxville, TN, 2017)
  • Rose B. and Edgar B. McReynolds Faculty Excellence Award, Hope International University (2006, 2009)
  • Faculty Appreciation Award, presented by the Student Government Association, Milligan College (1999)
  • International Society of Theta Phi, Emmanuel School of Religion Chapter (1996)
  • E. L. Dwyer Academic Scholarship, Baylor University (1992-93)
  • University Scholarship, Baylor University (1990-91)
  • Graduate Fellowship, Baylor University (1988-90)
  • Kenneth Stewart Academic Scholarship, Pepperdine University (1982)
  • Pi Beta Sigma Honor Society, Pacific Christian College (1981)


  • Integration of biblical faith and critical scholarship in life of the church
  • Relationship of exegesis to theological method and hermeneutics
  • Atonement and Justification Theory
  • Relationship of Ethics and Eschatology
  • Jesus’ Political Context


  • Society of Biblical Literature
  • Institute for Biblical Research


“Paul understands the human instinctive drive for self-defense and self-justification, the effort always to be sure that one is ‘OK’ in the eyes of others and oneself—Paul understands this drive as making us actual enemies of the God who loves, accepts, and justifies  us freely by his own grace. This asserting of ourselves, concern with our image and self-image, is the placing of a ‘graven image’—an idol—in the place God reserves for himself, an effort to be our own God. The acceptance of God’s grace is the end of all efforts at self-justification, ends the hostility, and opens up one’s life to God, others, and oneself”—Eugene M. Boring and Fred B. Craddock

“We must learn diligently the article of justification, for all other articles of the faith are comprehended in it; and if that remain sound, then all the rest are sound.”  --Martin Luther




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  • Household Conversion Narratives in Acts: Pattern and Interpretation. JSNT Supplement Series 123. Sheffield: Sheffield Academic Press, 1996


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Book Reviews           

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