Student Government

The Student Government Association (SGA) exists to serve the undergraduate students of Hope International University. Our primary role is to represent the voice of all undergraduate students regardless of ability, gender, nationality or race. We also seek to better serve all students through advocacy, diversity in leadership and helping to promote positive change throughout the campus. By actively participating in organized HIU events, we strive to improve the student experience on and off campus. Through serving on SGA, students also have the opportunity to bring to life Hope’s emphasis on servant leadership.

If you have ideas, feedback, or comments please contact us via email at [email protected] or DM us on Instagram @HIUStudentlife. We are here to serve!

Student Leaders

Members of SGA represent the student body as a united voice and do their best to make each school year the best experience possible. Meet your student leaders.

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SGA consists of student governance, which is comprised by the executive board and the student senate. The executive board is comprised of the President and Vice President of SGA, who oversee the senate as one of their main functions. The senate is in charge of addressing and seeking solutions for issues that will be worked on throughout the school year. Constituents or any undergraduate student may bring up these issues.