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Equipping Students for Lives of Service and Success

Hope Students Building Homes in Mexico

The Office of Campus Ministries is dedicated to preparing students for their lifelong journey of faith and Christian service. We feel passionate about our mission and our opportunity to foster spiritual growth in lives and in the community.

Each Thursday throughout the school year, the entire campus community gathers for Chapel to worship God together, experience His grace and be challenged toward greater discipleship. On Tuesdays, small "Formation Groups" meet to explore issues of faith and life in a deeper, more personal way.

Because we believe service is an integral part of Christian commitment, the Office of Campus Ministries provides numerous outreach opportunities to share faith and assist the less fortunate in the greater Los Angeles/Orange County area.

For more information about specific activities, contact the Director of Campus Ministries by email or call (714) 879-3901, ext. 1294.

"I know the power of small groups, like our Formation Groups, and that was something that really drew me to Hope."

Sarah Buck, Student
Los Altos, CA

The Office of Campus Ministries exists to provide co-curricular programs and opportunities for students to develop holistically in their Christian faith and influence.

The Chapel program at HIU exists to extend the call of Christian discipleship and service to our campus community. It seeks to inspire and challenge you in your Christian faith, and aids in building a sense of community on campus. Each week, we strive to display the relevance of the Gospel by bringing the Word of God to life. We also seek to communicate the Gospel’s diversity through worship and creative expression.

Chapel is held once a week on Thursdays from 9:30 am – 10:20 am in the Pacific Auditorium and is required of all full-time PCC students.

Click here for the SPRING 2013 Chapel schedule!

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Formation Groups
Formation Groups are weekly gatherings of students, for the purpose of personal, relational and spiritual growth. Our curriculum for Formation groups comes from a book entitled, Sacred Pathways by Gary Thomas. Similar to having different learning styles we also have different ways to connect with God. Through the Formation Groups/Pathways students can choose the following group to participate in: Intellectual (loving God with the mind), Contemplative (loving God through adoration), Activist/Caregiver (social justice/caring), Sensate (loving God with the senses), Naturalist (loving God outdoors), Traditionalist (loving God through ritual and symbol), and Ascetics (loving God in solitude and simplicity).

Formation Groups meet Tuesdays from 9:30 am - 10:20 am in various locations throughout the campus.

Barnabas Groups

Barnabas Groups are for incoming students. In the Fall semester, students gather in their Barnabas Group and are acclimated to the university, community, and campus-life. This first semester is more about acclamation than anything else. The second semester is introduction to the Pathways. The goal is by the end of a student’s first year at HIU is that you will understand which pathway you identify with the most and then choose that pathway the following year when you enter your formation group. We desire for every student to grow closer to Jesus!

Barnabas Groups meet Tuesdays from 9:30 a.m. - 10:20 a.m. in various locations throughout the campus.

Senior/4th year Mentorship

Beginning Fall of 2012, we are introducing seniors/4th year students to mentorship. The purpose of senior mentorship is to connect seniors/4th year students with a faculty member, staff member, or local Pastor to receive challenge, encouragement, spiritual enrichment, and assistance in finding God’s direction in their lives. In lieu of small groups these students can elect to be a part of a mentorship (with an approved mentor) that will meet a twice a week. It is our goal through mentorship that students will be assisted in major life decisions and are encourage through the process. Another goal is that students will begin to connect with God and learn how to keep their relationship with Jesus fresh.

Service & Outreach
Does service play a role in your education? We think so. Faith and service are an important part of your Hope experience. Share your faith and serve others through outreach events and community-based ministries and churches. For Fall 2012 we are focusing a lot of energy on local missions as well as our annual four trips to Mexico with Amor to build a house for a family in need.

For more information contact Bryan Sands, Director of Campus Ministries at 714-879-3901 x1294. If you’re hungry for service opportunities, or the chance to put legs to your faith, you’ll find plenty of opportunities as a student at Hope, both to challenge and inspire you.