Sustained Momentum

Diane (Carter) LeJeune

"Our God-given talents are specific to each of us," Diane shares, "and each of us has the opportunity to use those talents as bricks for building God's kingdom."

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Honoring 20 Years of Servant Leadership

Sharon Carter

After 20 exemplary years of employment at Hope International University, Sharon Carter (BS '95) retired from her post as Executive Assistant to the President.

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On Ice and In Christ

Jason Cooper

As a hockey fan, when the Anaheim Ducks approached their administration about including a street hockey module as part of the P.E. curriculum, Jason was thrilled.Thus begun his journey with the Ducks

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Leading at Church and in Higher Education

Linh Doan

"Where I grew up, there was a widespread suspicion of what higher education can do to your Christian faith. C. S. Lewis convinced me otherwise...and here I am!"

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San Diego County Teacher of the Year

Linda Foote

Linda Foote has been described as someone who has a passion to touch the souls of every student she meets and provide them with a safe place to learn, grow, and become the best they can be.

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First PCC Alumnus to Become Christian College President

Stephen Higgins

Stephen Higgins (M.A. '85, B.A. '78) is President of Williamson Christian College in Franklin, Tennessee.

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San Bernardino County Teacher of the Year

Bill Lassiter

In everything he does, PCC graduate Bill Lassiter (B.A. '97)strives to be a great teacher. He is currently teaching 4th grade at The Ontario Center School in the Cucamonga School District.

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Investing Hope in Future Generations

JC Lugo

Lugo dived into the subject area that challenged him most, earning his college degree from HIU in English Literature. The struggles that came with learning a second language and being a first-generation college student have motivated JC to return and reinvest in the Los Angeles community where he grew up.

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Quality Education for Students with Disabilities

Aja McKee

"I feel called to teach special education because I want to provide great educational experiences for students with disabilities," says HIU alumna Dr. Aja McKee.

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Outstanding First Year Teacher

Christie Murray (Grimstad)

Christie Murray (Grimstad, B.A.'98; M.Ed.'05) teaches first grade at Thomas Edison Elementary School in Anaheim, California.

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"Journeys to the Past" for a Better Future

Jacqueline Nunez

Jacqueline Nunez has dedicated her life to preserving and sharing her Acjachemen ancestral culture through the Native American tradition of oral storytelling.

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Someday is Today

Robbie Phillips

Alumnus follows the thought that he might teach "someday."

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Angie Richey

"My time at HOPE was life-giving and transformational, setting me up for the extraordinary and fulfilling life I live today. The day we stop learning is the day we stop leading, living, and giving."

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2010 Teacher of the Year Awarded to HIU Alum

Yona Roberts

Roberts, who is a resource specialist at Pendleton Elementary, was awarded the prestigious Teacher of the Year Award both for Pendleton Elementary and the Buena Park School District for 2010.

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Preparing the New Generation of Creative Ministers

Matt Thompson

"I have a passion to develop other leaders and to watch those I work with grow in their ministries."

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Orange County Teacher of the Year

Lorri Varela

Lorri Varela has been teaching second grade in the Ladera Palma School in La Habra, CA since 1990. Varela has focused on working with students who have difficulty speaking English.

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HOPE in China

Albert Wolfe

When Albert Wolfe (BA '05) arrived at Hope International University, he had no idea how the University's "middle name" would take center stage in his life and career.

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