Living on campus can be one of the most memorable experiences a student can have during college and it is our desire at Hope to provide students with a Christ-centered community that is built on the importance of faith, service, and learning.

Residency Requirement

Living within the campus community is an important aspect of a student’s personal development and education. Research continues to demonstrate that students who live on campus benefit in a number of ways. In fact, students who live on campus beyond their freshman year:

  • Are more likely to persist and graduate
  • Gain more interpersonal contacts with faculty and peers
  • Experience greater personal growth and development
  • Have higher academic engagement and grade point average
  • Have higher social-interpersonal engagement
  • Participate more in out-of-class activities
  • Have more positive and inclusive attitudes and openness to diversity
  • Find more satisfaction with their undergraduate experience

For these reasons, all full-time students 21 years of age or younger are required to live on campus unless they are married, a veteran, or residing with parents. Students must reach the age of 22 prior to the beginning of the semester to reside off campus. Please consult the Student Handbook for detailed information concerning the Residency Requirement and other housing policies.

Housing Options

The HIU campus consists of two living areas: Alpha and Omega. Alpha is reserved for male residents while Omega is reserved for female residents. Each area has its own lobby with a lounge connecting the two buildings. Alpha and Omega are only a few steps away from classes, chapel, library, cafeteria, and student center.


A standard Alpha and Omega room is a Quad: set up for four residents with its own private bathroom and balcony.

Triple, Double, and Single rooms are available but very limited.

Rooms include:
  • Bunkable twin beds with mattress
  • Desk with chairs
  • Closets/Wardrobes
  • High Speed Wi-Fi
  • Central air and heat
  • Swimming Pool
  • Lambda Lounge (common area)
  • Satellite TV in lobbies
  • Laundry Facilities

University furniture may not be removed from the rooms. Furthermore, lobby furniture should not be taken out of the lobby and into personal rooms. For a complete list of policies and procedures, please consult the HIU student Handbook.

Room and Board Fees (annual)

Triple $5,150
Double $6,300
Single $8,000
Residence hall deposit $300
Meal Plans:  
19 Meal Plan ($9.61 per meal/ Includes $100 Flex Dollars) $5,900
15 Meal Plan ($11.51 per meal/ Includes $100 Flex Dollars) $5,600
10 Meal Plan ($14.83 per meal/ Includes $100 Flex Dollars) $4,900
5 Meal Plan (commuter) $1,800
The "10 Meal Plan" is reserved for juniors and seniors only.  
The "5 Meal Plan" is reserved for commuters and Non-HIU Students.  


Living Off-Campus

All students desiring to live off campus must fill out a "HIU Housing Exemption" form. To live off-campus, students must meet the following criteria:

  • Student will be living with their parents or guardians.
  • Student will be at least 22 years of age.
  • Student is married.
  • Student is the parent/legal guardian caring for a dependent child.
  • Special circumstances (see exemption for deails.

Petitions to live off-campus must be approved by the Director of Housing. Submission of “HIU Housing Exemption” form does not constitute approval.

Summer Housing

HIU does provide summer housing for students who have previously lived in the residence halls. A separate “Summer Housing Contract” needs to be submitted and approved prior to the start of summer.

Non-HIU Student Housing (Dorm Only)

The HIU Housing Office does offer housing for students attending a local college/university for the same price listed for HIU students. Student interested in living at HIU are required to fill a “HIU Housing Contract” with a “Pastoral Reference.”

HIU is a Christ-centered community and we require all our students, residents, and guests to uphold the policies and items listed in the HIU Student Handbook and HIU Housing Guide.

Should you have any questions about the contracts or residing on campus, please feel free to email us in the Housing Office or call (714) 879-3901 ext. 2581.