Intercultural Studies (Missions)

At Hope, the Intercultural Studies major prepares students to relate to people of diverse cultures, lead them to Christ, and guide them into a relevant life. This program is perfectly suited for students who plan to work in missions or cross-cultural ministry, both nationally or internationally. As diversity is standard in our society, the demand for competent cross-cultural communicators in churches, educational institutions, ministries, non-profit organizations, and businesses is standard.

The program includes a strong Biblical foundation and the curriculum provides a foundation that blends theory and experience. The B.A. in Intercultural Studies program is 126 units.


Career Opportunities

  • Bible Translator
  • Church Planting
  • Cross-cultural Mission
  • Diplomat
  • International Developer
  • Missions Pastor
  • Pioneer Missionary
  • Relief/Aid Work
  • Urban Ministry

Real World Opportunities

This flexible program has the added bonus of offering a field practicum that can be completed inside or outside the United States. Students have the opportunity to focus on the location and ministry type of their choice. Recent practicums have included ministering in the slums of Nairobi, Kenya for 6 months, serving in a bush hospital in Africa, working with homeless mothers and their children in Los Angeles, assisting Bible translators in South America, and many more. Students may also take advantage of select CCCU Study Abroad or domestic BestSemester opportunities to expand their crosscultural knowledge and abilities.

Hope also provides many other opportunities to serve while in school, including serving sack lunches to the homeless with your fellow classmates or traveling with a group to Mexico to build houses for the poor. The opportunity to serve in intercultural ministry is all around.


5 Reasons To Get a Degree In Intercultural Studies

1. You can enter a variety of career fields

As someone who receives a degree in Intercultural Studies you will have the opportunity to choose from variety of career paths. Some careers in the field of intercultural studies include, missions work, humanitarian aid, diplomacy, international development, church ministry, and much more. 

2. You will have a global mindset

Today in the age of globalism, it is quickly becoming less and less acceptable to ignore the many events and issues that are occurring throughout the world every day. With a degree in intercultural studies you will not only learn how to be aware of events/issues that are occurring, but you will also be taught how to critically analyze and thus respond in a constructive manner to the things that are happening in our world. 

3. Learn to bring the whole Gospel 

At Hope International University, we believe that it is imperative that when students are trained to engage in missions work, they are trained to meet the holistic needs of the communities that they are in. Meeting the holistic needs of a community includes meeting the physical and societal needs of an area while also sharing the Gospel message. We believe that the holistic model is the model that Jesus Christ created and thus it is the way we believe our missions work should operate as well.

4. Shape your neighborhood

At HIU believe that when a student receives their degree in intercultural studies they do not have to go overseas just to make a difference. The diversity of the American population is increasing everyday and if you take a look on the news it is clear that racial, societal and physical oppression is present on American soil as it is in foreign nations. Our country is in desperate need for leaders with intercultural mindsets that will be leading the way for a positive future for the many, not just the few. 

5. Make a lasting impact 

Here at Hope International University, we believe that when our interculteral studies students are searching for solutions to global and local community/societal problems it is important that our professors teach students what it means to discover sustainable, long-term solutions. 


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