B.A. Business and Management:
Sports Management Concentration

At Hope, the Business and Management program with a concentration in Sports Management prepares graduates for careers in the sports industry. Students will study the varying aspects of sports management while also learning fundamental business principles. The program includes courses in management, accounting, and marketing, as well as sports management courses such as Sports Psychology, Introduction to Sport Management, Principles of Coaching, and more.

Christian ethics are integrated into each course, providing students with a solid basis for addressing contemporary social, moral, and ethical issues facing business professionals today.

This program is perfectly suited for students who wish to pursue graduate studies, such as a Master of Business Administration. The B.A. in Business and Management program with Sports Management Concentration is 122 units.


Career Opportunities

  • Sports Manager
  • Sports Marketing
  • Sports Administration
  • Owning sports-related business
  • Athletic Director
  • Coaching
  • Sports Agent
  • Recruiting/Scouting
  • Athletic Training

Career resources

  • The Bureau of Labor Statistics, Occupational Outlook Handbook: Management and Business and Financial Operations Occupations. Here you will find a comprehensive list of management, business and financial careers. For each career path, information is provided regarding the nature of the work, the training and qualifications required, the job outlook, typical earnings, and links to other informative websites.
  • WetFeet. This is a website with extensive information on careers and industries, designed for undergraduate and graduate students. Includes detailed descriptions (requirements, job outlook, career paths, compensation) of several dozen types of business careers, and several dozen industries in which such career opportunities exist.

Interesting Courses

  • Sports Psychology
  • Intro to Sport Management
  • Sport in Society
  • Principles of Coaching
  • Financing of Sport Operations
  • Sports Facility Management

Real World Opportunities

Students in this major are permitted to choose between a Business Internship (in which they must complete a minimum of 140 hours of supervised, typically paid, work in a business organization) and a Ministry Practicum (a seminar focused on developing the studentís readiness for servant leadership).