B.A. Church Ministry

At Hope, the Church Ministry major prepares students with skills that will serve as a foundation for pastoral ministry. Balanced between theory and practice, our students learn how to create programs that challenge the church to spiritual growth and how to serve alongside pastoral staff. The B.A. in Church Ministry provides a well-rounded degree for use in a variety of contexts, including roles in church leadership, para-church organizations or other ministry-related pursuits. Practical skills such as mission and vision development, budget management, personnel and facilities management serve to craft a strong foundation for each graduate. The program includes a strong Biblical foundation and the curriculum provides a foundation that blends theory and experience.

The B.A. in Church Ministry program is 120 units.


Career Opportunities

  • Senior Pastor
  • Associate Minister
  • Children’s Pastor
  • Men’s or Women’s Ministry
  • Youth/Family Pastor
  • Church Planting

Career resources

  • provides resources on preaching, sermon preparation, book reviews, newsletters, and other resources.
  • provides resources on preaching, sermon-building, leadership, and weekly newsletters.

Interesting Courses

  • Family Ministry in the Church
  • Models of Ministry
  • Homiletics
  • Biblical Theology

Real World Opportunities

Students in the Church Ministry program are required to do a minimum of three semesters of internship in a local ministry setting. Additionally, students are encouraged to be involved in ministry during their degree program to help facilitate real life application.