B.A. Social Sciences

At Hope, the Social Sciences program prepares students to enter any number of professions in the social sciences, such as social work, teaching, law, research, public sector, or consulting. Social Science is a foundational liberal arts discipline providing students with an increased understanding of human behavior. The curriculum consists of coursework from a variety of disciplines, including sociology, political science, psychology, economics, history, and anthropology.

As a Social Science major, you will learn to critically evaluate human history, institutions, and politics. Each student works closely with an advisor to develop an individualized study plan based on his or her interests.

Students receive an extensive background in research, critical thinking, and writing that is a valuable asset to any number of career fields.

This program also provides excellent preparation for a graduate program. The B.A. in Social Sciences program is 125 units.



Career Opportunities

(some require a graduate degree or credential)
  • Teaching at the college level
  • Researcher for a non-profit or for a corporation
  • Tutoring and Test Preparation
  • Law School
  • Consulting
  • Teaching English abroad
  • Public Sector (city, county, state or federal level)
  • Military Officer

Career resources

  • What can I do with a Social Science Degree? Just what it sounds like; gives a nice overview of Social Science and what skills you acquire as a Social Science Major.
  • The American Historical Association This is the website for the AHA, the primary association for historians and those working in the field of history in the United States. Members of the AHA include historians of every part of the world, all fields of history, and both public and academic historians.
  • The American Sociological Association The ASA is the national body that promotes sociology, much in the same fashion as the AHA does for history.
  • The American Bar Association: Preparing for Law School The ABA is the professional association for the nationís legal professionals. This section of its website features commonly asked questions about preparing for law school as an undergraduate.

Interesting Courses

  • Child Development
  • California History and Government
  • Modern Europe since 1945
  • Psychology Research and Design Methods
  • American Government
  • International Human Rights
  • Social Problems

Real World Opportunities

As a Social Science major, you will have a number of opportunities to take your studies off campus. Each student works closely with an academic advisor who helps identify opportunities for research, grants, and internships based on the studentís individualized study plan. In addition, we highly encourage you to take advantage of our study abroad programs, which will provide you with an opportunity to experience different world cultures.


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