B.A. Social Science with a Concentration in Human Services

At Hope, the Social Science major with a concentration in Human Services prepares students for careers in one of six primary areas: child and family, addiction, health, corrections, gerontology, and mental health. Human Services majors tend to be especially concerned with enhancing quality of life by helping meet the basic needs of those who are vulnerable, oppressed, or living in poverty.

The program prepares students for entry-level human service work with individuals, families, groups, organizations and communities. Small class sizes facilitate student development as critical thinkers while empowering them to make a difference in the world.

This program is perfectly suited for students who wish to pursue graduate studies. The B.A. in Social Science with a concentration in Human Services program is 127 units.


Career Opportunities

Human Service workers can apply their training and experience in a variety of settings and careers:
  • International social workers
  • Mental health case workers
  • Counselors
  • Domestic violence counselor
  • Community organizer
  • Homeless outreach worker
  • Hospital social worker
  • Fundraising/Grant writer
  • Nursing home social service
  • Case manager
  • Child protection worker
  • Foster care worker/Adoption worker
  • Group home worker
  • Probation officer
  • Substance Abuse counselor
  • Missions

Career resources

Interesting Courses

  • Social Problems
  • Marriage and Family
  • Social Policy
  • Human Service Practice
  • Abnormal Psychology
  • Internship

Real World Opportunities

All Human Service students are required to complete practicum and internship hours in social service agencies. This allows students to receive exposure to real world experiences in the Human Services industry. The internships provide the opportunity to develop and practice skills while integrating theory. A field education director supervises students’ experiences and assists them as they process what they are learning.

In addition, we highly encourage you to take advantage of our study abroad programs, which will provide you with the opportunity to experience different world cultures while completing elective degree requirements.


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Our Alumni Tell Our Story Best

Jenna Peace
B.A. ' 96

Children's Director
Mission Viejo Christian Church
Mission Viejo, CA

"My experience at Hope in the Human Services program was an experience that I will take with me for the rest of my life. One of my professors (who is now a dear friend) took the time to help me unfold my passion and steered me toward the Human Services major. It was through this program that I was equipped to share the gospel in a tangible way; to minister to people through servant leadership; to counsel people through the art of listening; to give hope to the hopeless; and to love others as Christ loved the church.”

Our Alumni Tell Our Story Best

Jenna Peace
B.A. ' 96

Children's Director
Mission Viejo Christian Church
Mission Viejo, CA

"The professors at Hope genuinely care about their students beyond the academics and to me that was what impacted me the most at Hope. The skills that I learned in college are a treasure to me, because they have helped me tremendously over the past few years in ministry and will continue to help me in the future."

Featured Student

Photo - Rebecca Larson

Rebecca Larson
Social Science: Human Services Major

"The professors in the Human Services program are extremely attentive and genuinely want to see us succeed... not just in our classes but also in our lives and our future careers. Our required internship provides hands on learning that complements classroom activities. This program has come alongside my passions and ambitions and has provided me with the tools needed to bring those passions and ambitions into the career world."

Featured Student

Mallary Long
Social Science: Human Services Major

"Attending Hope has changed my life dramatically. Through Hope's small class sizes I have realized my calling into Social Work. I have learned the importance of integrating Christianity and Social Work, and have come to the conclusion that my work will be a ministry. As cliche as this may sound, I want to be serving people in need with the 'hands and feet of Jesus', and looking at them through His eyes and heart."