To request transcripts, begin by filling out the transcript request form. Read all of the information below and make sure to allow 7-10 working days from the time the form has been submitted. All of the information must be completed properly in order for the Registrar’s Office to complete your request.

Transcript Form

  • Print and fill out the Transcript Request Form by hand, or fill it out electronically. If you fill it out electronically, save the PDF to your computer, type in your responses, save to your computer, then print the form. The form must include a handwritten signature, even if you fill out the rest of the form electronically.
  • All requests (including requests for faxed copies) must be cleared with the Student Financial Services office before release. Transcripts will not be issued to any student who has an active default status on their student loans borrowed from HIU.
  • Please allow 7-10 working days for processing of transcript(s). We do not have a "rush" service, so plan accordingly.


  • Requests may be hand delivered, faxed or mailed. Transcripts requested to be picked up by or mailed directly to the student are stamped "DELIVERED TO STUDENT IN SEALED ENVELOPE." This means that they are official, but some schools or places of employment do not accept hand-delivered copies. Requests that are faxed are always UNOFFICIAL, because they cannot contain an official signature with University seal.


  • There is a $6 processing fee for Official Transcripts, and a $5 processing fee for unofficial faxed transcripts. Transcripts will not be processed without receipt of payment. Please make checks payable to Hope International University. If you would like to pay by MasterCard or Visa, please fill out the Automatic Credit Card/Debit Card Charge information at the bottom of the Transcript Request form.
  • Pre-paying the faxed transcript fee does not guarantee that the order will be "rushed."
  • Unofficial emailed transcripts are free. Be sure to write the email address on the request form. Please be aware that this is considered an unsecure method of delivery and may be intercepted by others.

Submitting Request

Submit your request by fax to (714) 681-7230, by email to: [email protected], or by mail to:

Attn: Registrar
2500 E Nutwood Avenue
Fullerton, CA 92831