Tuition and Costs

A.A., and B.S. (Major Courses and General electives) $450 per unit
Application Fees
Non-degree Application (e.g. Audit, CEV, RI, SALT) No fee
Associate of Arts and Bachelor of Science $50
Other Fees
Credit for Prior Learning Petition Fee & If granted, tuition is 50% of standard rate $65 per unit awarded
Service Charge for Returned Check $50
Late Payment Fee $50
Late Registration Fee $125
Student Fee $450


Hope reserves the right to alter tuition and fees at any time. Tuition and fees listed are effective June 1, 2020.

Student Accounts

Hope International University provides several payment options for funding your education. Please read through the Financial Options Guide and select that option you choose to utilize.

Monthly Payment Plan

Hope International University offers up to twelve (12) monthly installments without interest charges beginning June 1st and ending May 1st. There are no fees or interest charges, however, late payment fees may be charged. Enrollment in the plan should be completed before June 1st to avoid having to make substantial back payments of missed months.

If you have any questions concerning the financing of your education, please contact Student Accounts at (714) 879-3901 ext. 2202 or email [email protected].