Dramatic Arts in Culture & Context

ENG3136 Dramatic Arts in Culture & Context (3)

This course equips students to write original dramatic literature in both short skit and full-length play form for church or secular audiences. Emphasis is on the development of character, conflict, plot, symbolism, dialogue, and theme, as well as instruction in the fundamentals of directing to enhance these theatrical elements by creating artistic stage pictures. Fine Arts, dance, and variety of dramatic art forms for use in sermon illustration and in creative communication for church ministry are explored. Students are challenged to consider the role of pageantry and theater outreaches as a tool for community evangelism and biblical literacy. This course contains a dual emphasis for the final project determined by the student's interest to either pursue ministry through the performing arts, or to further develop the skills leading to a career as a professional playwright for stage, film or television. (Prerequisites: ENG1100 OR ENG1110 & ENG2100 OR ENG2210) (Online)