Human Development

B.S. in Human Development

The B.S. in Human Development degree prepares students with a diverse set of marketable skills and knowledge for use in fields related to counseling, teaching or other helping professions.
The degree includes five concentrations to choose from:

Behavioral Psychology Concentration

  • The Behavioral Psychology concentration focuses on learning and behavior; and prepares students for settings ranging from early childhood education to the corporate environment; with clients ranging from those with developmental disabilities to those with mental health issues.

Community Mental Health and Counseling Concentration

  • Students in the Community Mental Health and Counseling concentration will be prepared for professions in mental health institutions, forensic settings, employee assistance programs, community-based counseling settings, policy settings, research; and graduate studies in counseling or social work.

Family Studies Concentration

  • The Family Studies concentration focuses on curriculum designed to provide a foundation in family education which includes: the support and maintenance of healthy families, child growth and development, parenting, family communication, family systems; and individual/family risk and resiliency factors.

Addiction Studies Concentration

  • The Addiction Studies concentration introduces students to the dynamics that addiction and addictive behaviors have on both social and human development.  The concentration focuses on physiological, individual and relational aspects of addictive behavior, and treatment modalities available for those struggling with addictive issues.

Graduate Studies Concentration

  • The Graduate Counseling Concentration is designed to provide an accelerated pathway into the graduate Marriage and Family Therapy or Counseling program masters degrees. Students who complete the 15 units of undergraduate Transitional coursework in the concentration will have completed a semester in the graduate program.

Career Opportunities

  • Adult Day Care Service Provider
  • Applied Behavior Specialist
  • Autism Agency Staff Member
  • Behavioral Health Specialist
  • Child Life Specialists
  • Child Protective Services
  • Child Welfare Specialist
  • Children/Adolescent/Adult/Family Ministry
  • Domestic Violence Shelter Advocate
  • Drug/Alcohol Abuse Counselor
  • Early Childhood/Preschool Teacher
  • Employee Assistant Professional
  • Family Life Educator
  • Human Resource Manager
  • Independent Living Assistant
  • Infant Mental Health Specialist
  • Patient Care Specialist
  • Public Health Educator
  • Retirement Specialist
  • Youth Advocate