Pacific Christian College of Ministry & Biblical Studies

Message from the Dean

Dr. Carl Toney, Dean

Welcome to Pacific Christian College of Ministry and Biblical Studies here at Hope International University.
At HIU, our purpose is to empower people to change the world. We do this aligned with the mission of God, in the name of Jesus, through the Holy Spirit. A key component is a deep love for our students and their dreams. We want to come alongside of you on your journey and help you stay close to Jesus as you discover new facets of life with him. We want to feed your soul during your time at Hope International University.
We believe in the priesthood of all believers, which means we believe everyone is a minister no matter their occupation.  Pacific Christian College of Ministry and Biblical Studies exists to equip students for a life of exceptional servant leadership in professional and parachurch ministries.
Our overriding philosophy as a College of HIU is the synthesis of education and experience.  We stress analytical thinking about life, ministry, theology, and the biblical text. If you embrace our vision, your mind will be challenged and stretched as you lean into this type of curriculum.  An extensive practicum is integrated into your chosen area of ministry service.  You will be mentored as you grow through direct, hands-on experience.  The classroom and the real world will come together in a way that truly prepares and empowers you to impact the world for Christ.
My hope is that we will share a journey together.  My dream is that you find your place in the mission God has for you in this world.


Dr. Carl Toney

Dean and Professor of Biblical Studies

Christian Ministry

This program helps men and women increase their understanding of Scripture, develop practical skills for various church leadership roles, prepare for professional Christian ministry, and/or pursue graduate studies in the field.

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