Sustained Momentum

Diane (Carter) LeJeune

"Our God-given talents are specific to each of us," Diane shares, "and each of us has the opportunity to use those talents as bricks for building God's kingdom."

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Prayer in Motion

Mary Bawden

Mary Bawden (MA '06) is deeply passionate about dance, not just as a hobby or performing art, but as an expression of worship through "prayer in motion." Her lifelong calling to praise through dance

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Big Wave Dave - Radio Host on a Top Christian Radio Station, 95.9 The Fish

Big Wave Dave

Big Wave Dave (MBA, '06) is one of the well-known radio personalities on Los Angeles and Orange County's premiere Christian radio station, KFSH 95.9 fm The Fish.

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Spreading a Message of Hope and Restoration Nationwide

Tammy Gallegos Daughtry

When Tammy Gallegos Daughtry moved from Denver, CO to Fullerton, CA to attend Hope International University (HIU) she was looking forward to four years of sunshine in warm Southern California.

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Living Fearless and Fancy Free

Kim Strater Hamilton

A year ago, Kim Strater Hamilton (BA '87) was signed up to speak at a women's conference. The topic she was given to speak on was "Living Fearlessly," something that hit home for Hamilton.

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Worship With a Global Impact

Yeon-Hee Ju

Yeon-Hee Ju (MCM, '06) has used her musical and leadership gifts to make a significant impact in the Korean church.

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Road to Redemption

Steven James Martin

"Looking back on my life, the thing that surprises me the most is God's grace," Steven James Martin said. "His grace is His empowerment to overcome and do anything and everything in life."

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Worship Leader With a Servant's Heart

David Morgan

For twenty-six years David Morgan (BA '81) has been a devoted servant leader in the Overlake Christian Church community in Redmond, WA.

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"Journeys to the Past" for a Better Future

Jacqueline Nunez

Jacqueline Nunez has dedicated her life to preserving and sharing her Acjachemen ancestral culture through the Native American tradition of oral storytelling.

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Young Leader Lives the Lifestyle of Worship

Jesse Peterson

Jesse Peterson (BA '04) is a rising leader at Adventure Christian Church in Roseville, CA. He first moved to Roseville in 2004 after graduating from Hope and accepted an internship position.

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Alumni's Adventures in Stage Management with Disney

Christine Peterson (Martin)

When Christine (Martin, FS '98) Peterson began her freshman year at HIU, she knew she had a love for theater, but she had no idea that she would soon be working The Walt Disney Company.

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An Emmy-Worthy Alum

Garrett Radford

Garrett's experiences and education unknowingly made him the perfect candidate to become a Senior Writer at 72andSunny.

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Skyrocketing Career in the Music Industry

Tyrone Wells

National music sensation and PCC graduate Tyrone Wells (BA '98) arose from humble beginnings to become a successful Christian influence in the music industry.

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