Providing a "Hand-Up"

Kurt Berger

Upon reading the book "Operation World," Kurt Berger (BA '90) became painfully aware of the great need for effective evangelism around the world. Thus began his transition to becoming a missionary.

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Unifying Cultures in Christ

Steve Blake

Born in Kinsgston, Jamaica, to Jamaican father and English mother, Steve Blake (MA '15) immigrated to the United States to attend college.

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An Opportunity for Amor

Mariah Bliss

"Within the last 5 years, God has been teaching me about the beauty of time and patience."

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Empowering and equipping people to serve God

Steve Carter

Steve Carter (B.A. '02) is the co-lead pastor of Willow Creek Community Church in South Barrington, IL.

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Bible Translation around the World

Bob Carter

Bob (BA '82) and Amy Carter have served with Wycliffe Bible Translators for 29 years, and during that time Bob has worked in 15 countries in Africa, Asia, Europe, the Pacific and the Americas.

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Building a Sustainable Ministry in Mexico

Gayla Congdon

Gayla (BA '77, MA '89) and Scott Congdon founded Amor Ministries over 25 years ago out of their passion to serve poverty-stricken families in the slums of Mexico.

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H.O.M.E. for Orphans

Amber Corey

Amber oversees the daily operations and helps to manage the regular court hearings, doctor's appointments, therapy, dentist appointments, family visits, activities, and special outings for the ten children that are living at H.O.M.E.

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Beyond Good Intentions

Scott Cunningham

Scott began his career in ministry at a mega-church in Plymouth, Michigan. He served in various pastoral roles there for eight years, until he felt a call to move to Nicaragua.

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Called to Invest in The Postmodern Subculture

Ian DiOrio

Ian DiOrio (B.A. 05) is known for his ability to reach today's generation of young adults by preaching God's word in a unique and compelling manner.

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Leading at Church and in Higher Education

Linh Doan

"Where I grew up, there was a widespread suspicion of what higher education can do to your Christian faith. C. S. Lewis convinced me otherwise...and here I am!"

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Get Ready...Go!

Lenae Gabriel

When Lenae attended Hope her passion for international missions had already been ignited. As the daughter of an evangelist, Lenae grew up witnessing the miracles God performed on mission trips and felt called to continue on this road.

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Cultivating Relationships in Ireland

Justin Gearing

Justin Gearing (BA '03) felt a call to serve outside the United States during his post-HIU graduation backpacking trip in Europe. Gearing has since planted a church in Ireland.

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HIU Alumni Presented with Ministry Award at Spirit of Hope

Keith & Kathy Ham

In recognition of their outstanding work in the missions field, Keith and Kathy Ham were honored with the Ministry Award at the 2013 Spirit of Hope Celebrity Concert & Award.

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Serving in the Slums of Africa

Keith & Kathy Ham

Keith (B.A. '86, M.A. '90) and Kathy (B.A. '88) Ham have spent seven years working with the Christian Missionary Fellowship (CMF).

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Because "It's All About Relationship"

John Hendee

Perhaps Hendee's most impactful achievement to date is "It's All About Relationship (IAAR)," which provides a strategic framework for sharing the Gospel with others in a personal, and respectful way.

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Preaching For a New Generation

Jeremy Jernigan

Jeremy Jernigan (BA '06) has initiated a new method for reaching the generations of youth and young adults immersed in the postmodern culture.

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Passionate Communicator and Disciple Maker

Cal Jernigan

Cal Jernigan has served on the staff of Central Christian Church of Arizona since 1987, and has been the Senior Pastor since the beginning of 1999.

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Crossing the Killing Fields for Christ

Christopher LaPel

At first glance, Christopher LaPel's (MA '94) life seems fairly ordinary. He loves God, is committed to serving the Lord, and is a leader of two dynamic ministries.

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Planting a Seed in Colorado

Patrick Lightfoot

Patrick and his wife answered the call to serve the community of Windsor, Colorado, and their church sent them to plant Traverse Christian Church.

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An Exemplary Work

Joni and Nangsar Morse

Joni (MA '83) and Nangsar (AA '82) Morse have been based in Chaing Mai in northern Thailand since 1975.

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Harvest Heralds Serving East Africa

Larry and Judy Niemeyer

Over 35 years ago, Larry (BA '64) and Judy (BA '70) Niemeyer began their missionary service. Two years in Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe) ended unfortunately and they returned to the US in 1969.

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Urban Ministry at Work

Stephen Pate

Stephen Pate (BA '07, MA '11) spent the summer before his senior year at Hope International University (HIU) serving as an intern with Tumaini International Ministries in Kenya.

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Following His "Presence"

Nicole Rowan

Upon sensing God's call on her life to full-time ministry, Nicole Rowan (BA '10) transferred from the University of Kentucky to HIU so she could study God's word while majoring in journalism.

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Mentoring the Next Generation

Bryan Sands

HIU's Director of Campus Ministries, Bryan Sands (BA '91), has a deep commitment to mentoring young adults. At HIU, Bryan oversees chapel, small groups, mission trips, and mentors students. On a typical work day Bryan is often visited by students to chat, pray, and talk about issues. In his 6 years at HIU, Sands has led over 30 Amor Ministries outreach trips, serving along HIU students to build homes for families in Mexico.

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Challenging Teens with a New Vantage Point

Elizabeth Shafer (Creech)

Sex. It's a topic a lot of people would shy away from but not Elizabeth (Creech) Shafer (BA '04). She is addressing the issue of teens' sexual activity and the impact sex through the Pure Sex program.

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Tees for Poverty

Tyler Patterson & Trevor Smith

Tyler Patterson, Treveor Smith, Matt Donahue, and Gianna Persico collaborated to create an organization dedicated to raising awareness for and combating the efforts of poverty.

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Pocketful of Hope

Trevor Smith

Trevor Smith received his Bachelor's degree in Biblical Studies in May 2010, but he began preaching at Lake Elsinore First Christian Church (LEFCC) while he was still a student.

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Finding Hope...and Sharing It!

Constance Stevenson

It all began one night in jail when Constance Stevenson (BS '13) cried out desperately to God after learning of the death of her ex-husband.

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A Global Gospel

Jon Taylor

His love for missions that began as a 10-year-old has culminated to this.

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A Kaleidoscope of Connections

Jessica Vance

Through her organization, Kaleidoscope, Vance works primarily with third-culture kids who are the offspring of American missionaries.

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A Servant's Heart

Arty VanGeloof

Arty VanGeloof (BA '82) is recognized for his work as a Family Pastor at Eastside Christian Church in Fullerton, CA. However, his title only hints at the scope of his influence for God's Kingdom.

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Connecting Ministries Worldwide

Jennifer Hope Webster

Jennifer Hope Webster (B.A. '86) is the Founder, President, and CEO of the Christian non-profit organization, Chat with Ministries, Inc.

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A Winding Path to Church Leadership

Ashley Wooldridge

Ashley believes that he has become Senior Pastor at an exciting time."People keep indicating downward trends in the church, but the opportunities to transform people's lives are great!" Ashley says.

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Former Hope Student Co-Founds Women's Ministry

Lisa Jernigan and Patty Wyatt

Lisa Jernigan and Patty Wyatt decided in 2000 to found an organization focused on serving and empowering what they consider to be overlooked and underutilized group in the church: women.

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